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Почему клиенты выбирают нас

We have deeply considered the products we offer to be confident that they bring a profit to our customers.

Our team is one of the most experienced in packaging automation. You buy our expertize, rather than pay to accumulate it.

We care about the efficiency of our business and do not ask you to pay for our ambitions. Which means we can offer you the best value.

We are close to you to quickly provide service and warranty maintenance.


История компании

2011 год

Since 2011, the key specialists have been working in the robotics field.


История компании

2013 год

Starting work in packing automation.

The first palletizing project is in progress.


История компании

2016 год

Artech was established

At the first stage, we focused on the design and development of peripheral devices for the supplied robotic systems:

  • gripper systems;
  • pallet and spacer magazines;
  • conveying systems.


The staff was three people.


История компании

2017 год

  • Start of R&D on machining: automated tooling manufacturing.
  • Implementation of R&D on packing equipment for the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Implemented 10 machining and packing projects.
  • The first project for stacking products in corrugated boxes.


История компании

2018 год

  • Delivered 13 robots.
  • First export contract.
  • Working on expanding the offer of our own devices. The product range has been extended with corrugated box formers, automatic pallet magazine, product layer formers for stacking.


История компании

2019 год

  • Delivered 16 robots.
  • Expanded the production floor to 440 square meters.
  • Added 5L bottles gripper, side pick-up gripper for boxes, gripper for 0.5L bottles in case packing, layer forming devices for palletizing to the portfolio of in-house manufactured devices.


История компании

2020 год

  • Delivered 25 robots.
  • Launched R&D to develop software to automate the design of packing project management systems.
  • Staff grew to 25 employees.


История компании

2021 год

  • As of today over 60 solutions have been implemented for more than 30 customers.

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